Friday, August 12, 2011

Make it two

NOTE This post is several days overdue. The truth is I could not decide whether I should publish it or not, and not for any major reason either. So finally, today, at this very minute, I pressed the 'PUBLISH POST' button.

July 31, 2011

Solitude Rising is officially two years old today.

Today marks the second year of my personal record of the development and progress of our little project. In fact, it's so personal that it's open to the public. It's so personal that I didn't even care when it turned one year old. Hmmm, how could have I missed that pivotal event?

So many events transpired during the past year, while time slowly turned this diary's page from one to two. Below are the highlights.
  • the goats got a new house
  • no new plants but the ones we have have been growing well and propagation are in full force
  • new garden spots established, old ones revisited and improved
  • the sheep have a new home too
  • road infrastructures within the farm were improved
  • plants blooming for the first time
  • the farm is now our farm (at least in theory)

There were also missteps and encountered some stumbling blocks
  • the farm was devastated by a super typhoon (category 5 hurricane)
  • the small mango orchard destroyed by the typhoon
  • a new structure recently build was demolished (just because I found it unappealing)
  • several animals died due to disease
  • the farm may be ours but not yet on paper
  • the source of financing for future projects has dried up, growth will drastically slow down

To the very few who have been peeking inside this private (yet very public) journal, I wish to convey my gratitude for all your comments, suggestions, or even your simple 'hi'. Some have come and immediately gone, even their short visits are much appreciated. I know so few have visited and followed religiously, and I understand why this is not a popular destination. After all, who would want to read about just one subject (that being the happenings inside one dusty, forlorn, off the beaten track farm in a similarly unknown town)?

To my target readers, I know you are all still very young (and some of you are not even born yet) to care. When your time has come to take up the reins, here you would know the history of it all, how it all began when Solitude was still rising.
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