Plant Spotlight

This is a list of the plants in our garden that I've featured in this blog.

Common NameBotanical NamePost Title
Angel's TrumpetBrugmansia suaveolensFamiliarity breeds contempt
Apostle's IrisNeomarica caeruleaNot my Iris
Beehive GingerZingiber spectabileThe beehive state
Bird of ParadiseStrelitzia reginaeBird of paradise
A glimpse of paradise
Return to paradise
Blood BananaMusa acuminata 'Zebrina'Red-blooded
Blue GingerDichorisandra thyrsifloraFeeling blue?
Calla lilyZantedeschia spp.Not a calla nor a lily
Carabao FernAngiopteris evectaCarabao Ferns
Cardboard PalmZamia furfuraceaA living fossil
ChampacaMichelia champacaJoy to the world
Cigar PlantCalathea luteaA case of mistaken identity
Clock VineThunbergia mysorensisThe clock is ticking
ColeusSolenostemon scutellarioidesColeus
Desert RoseAdenium obesumA rose is a rose is a rose
A rose by any other name...
Foxtail PalmWodyetia bifurcataAn impromptu project
Golden Shower TreeCassia fistulaThe golden years
Golden Shrimp PlantPachystachys luteaShe's a shrimp
Indonesian Wax GingerTapeinochilus ananassaeWax on, wax off
Lobster Claw HeliconiaHeliconia rostrataTheir claws are showing
Lotus PlantNelumbo nuciferaThe lotus position
MangoMangifera IndicaMangoes
Miracle Leaf (Katakataka)Kalanchoe pinnataAstonishing!
MussaendaMussaenda philippicaFirst Ladies
Ornamental PineappleAnanas spp.Cute little Pineapple
PomeloCitrus maxima / Citrus grandisThe forbidden fruit
Rattlesnake PlantCalathea crotaliferaThe snake in the garden of Eden
Red GingerAlpinia purpurataRed Power! Better red than dead
Red Jade VineMucuna bennettiRed is green
Red is green again
I see red
Red Stemmed ThaliaThalia geniculataRed Stemmed Thalia
Royal PalmRoystonea regiaA royal treatment
Traveler's PalmRavenala madagascariensisThe traveler sees what he sees...
Tree FernCyathea spp.Tree Ferns
Triangle PalmDypsis decaryiAnother unplanned project
Another unplanned project - conclusion
Torch GingerEtlingera elatiorHold the torch
Walking IrisNeomarica gracilisNot my Iris
Water LilyNymphaea spp.Lily on steroids
White Butterfly GingerHedychium coronariumHappiness is a butterfly
Ylang-ylangCananga odorataShort and sweet

These are just a few of the plants we have been collecting since we began this project. There are many other plants in the garden that are not yet in this list. They will be individually featured in my future posts.