Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another unplanned project

Our three helpers installing the newly bought Triangle palm.
In conjunction with my impromptu project, this project was not planned either. The original plan was simply to replace the young Triangle palm near the gate which died late last year due most probably to neglect. So when I bought ten Foxtail palms on impulse, I also bought one mature Triangle palm as the intended replacement.

When the shipment of palm trees arrived this was the first thing our helpers worked on. They dug a hole in the ground and planted the Triangle palm. As soon as the palm tree was in place, that's when I had an "aha!" moment.

As it stands right now, there's a hodgepodge of plants growing at the entrance to the farm, as such there is no coherence. So I thought maybe it would be better to landscape the area purely with Triangle palms or at least make them the focal plant or the dominant species.

We measured the length of the space and decided to plant five Triangle palms on the left side of the gate and seven on the right. The right side needed more plants because it's longer than the left. To vary the height we will plant alternating tall and short palm trees.

Two of the Triangle palms already in place on the left side of the gate. The other plants will be replaced later.

When Mom called the garden store to order ten more Foxtail palms, she also put in an order for the required number of Triangle palms. However the store did not have enough of the Triangle palms, only two of the same height as the one we bought earlier are available. We took what's left and put in a back order for the rest.

One Triangle palm installed on the right side of the gate. Six more will be planted to replace the rest of the plants on this side.

All the other established plants along the entrance to the farm will have to go. They will be transplanted  inside. And once the back-ordered palms arrive they will replace those that have been removed. This will make the area around the gate more coherent and cohesive.

Once again, I did not get to see this project finished as my visit to the farm was over. Just like our other projects, I will have to monitor this one from afar and see to it that it gets completed.