Saturday, March 5, 2011

A quick trip to the farm

In truth the visit was quick, but the trip was not! After one interstate and two international flight connections and an overnight travel by bus, at last there I was.

Not losing any time and although quite tired from the trip, I immediately donned the proper gears and went on a quick walk around the compound. It was still early, the sun was just peeking out of the horizon, the morning dew has barely lifted and a fresh, cool and crisp air was gently blowing. The clean breeze of air was very refreshing.

Finally, I was seeing in person what I've only seen in pictures which I received through e-mails. And sometimes when you see only parts of a whole, it just confuses you when you don't get the full picture. Now, confusing things got clearer and disjointed thoughts started to connect.

As I was going around I was also able to witness the telltale signs and remaining scars left by the strongest storm that hit the farm late last year, like the deep gully scoured by the raging flow of rain water. I also noticed other pressing matters that require immediate attention.

Overall, the quick visit to the farm was so enjoyable that leaving it behind was quite sad and difficult knowing that it may take another couple of years before I see the place again.