Friday, April 2, 2010

The Lotus position

(Pardon the quality and framing of the pictures, they were taken using a cellphone camera only, hence the poor result.)

So finally, here is the Pink Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) plant we purchased a month ago. If I recall correctly, this would be the most expensive plant we've ever bought so far. It came in one tub but was divided into two small basins so it could be loaded into the van and transported safely without spilling water all over.

Less than a month after it was bought, the Lotus plant in one of the basins sprouted a flower bud. Before the bud could open, Mom had to leave for a week and when she came back the bloom is gone and all that was left was a small saucer-shaped pod.

The other basin of Pink Lotus with a flower bud (upper left corner).

Beforehand, I told Mom to watch out for the seedpod if ever it flowers. Now she is waiting for the pod to mature and see if we can get viable seeds so we can grow our own Lotus from seed. I'm still waiting for the news if they were able to gather the seeds before they get carried away by nature's elements.

I've been reading articles on how to grow Lotus plant from seed so I could tell Mom how to do it, just in case she's able to gather them.

So where am I planning to put this plant? Right now they are still in the basins they came with. And they will stay there, or in bigger basins until a suitable place is found. I'm planning of transforming the unsightly ditch that runs across the farm and turn it into a beautiful water garden. And the Pink Lotus will be one of the featured plants in that garden.