Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Have a cow about the goat

There are only a handful of cows in the farm, less than the total number of fingers in one's hands.

When a cow gets pregnant, the period of gestation takes time, more or less as long as it takes for a human baby to develop. And unlike goats giving birth to two or three is common, a mother cow produces only one. Then it takes years before a calf matures. As such, they do not multiply as fast as the sheep and goats do. So it's always a joyful event when a calf is born.

A newly born calf in the farm.

On some other note...

I received a text message from Mom to let me know that the pregnant boer doe has given birth to three healthy female boer kids. I sensed the feeling of joy and excitement from them but I did not respond to Mom's message so (as I expected) I got another one the following day. Still no response. It seems like someone was not showing any interest at all. Can you guess who that is?

I really need to get over the sorry fact that we've been had, that we got the wrong breed of goat and just move on. After all, it's not her fault that she ended up in the farm. It's what we'll do with her that matters now.

By the way, the by-products of these animals are an excellent source of fertilizer for the plants in the garden.