Saturday, March 13, 2010

Through the narrow gate

The farm's concrete front wall was completed last December of 2009. Provisions for a few guest parking spaces were made by positioning the the gate and portions of the wall on its left and right sides a few meters deeper inside the farm. But the terrain of the farm slopes downward starting at the boundary of the farm and the public road. So the parking spaces were also on a decline making it a tad difficult to park.

Top pictures: the entrance after the wall was first built. Bottom pictures: the new look of the entrance area.

To solve the problem, the parking areas were backfilled until the surfaces were level with the public road. Some trees were also removed and others were trimmed to allow easy access to the parking spaces. They also made rooms for plants to grow in.

The entrance to the farm with gates closed. I erased the name of the farm painted on the gate for a little privacy. The writings on the wall means "Post no bills".

Now, the entrance to the farm is more defined. With a little more landscaping it would even look better. Eventually (budget permitting) that part of the wall will be plastered and painted, the surface paved and the gates replaced to give the area a refined and finished look.

I've asked Dad to estimate how much it would cost to have the walls around the parking spaces plastered. Depending on the cost, maybe we could have that task done someday soon.