Monday, March 8, 2010

You've got mail

As I promised on my 'Garden update #7', pictures will follow when they become available.

The new plants in the garden (front-left: Yellow Bananas, front-right: Red-stemmed Thalias, back-left: Heloconia wagnerianas, back-right: Sumatran Bananas). Note the striped leaves of the Yellow and Sumatran bananas.

Well, I just received an e-mail from my brother with attachments of new pictures from the farm and garden. I'll be posting them in the succeeding days. For now, here is a picture of some of our latest plant purchases.

A closer look of the beautiful Yellow Bananas. The Heliconia wagnerianas on the back are looking dreadful. We noticed that heliconias always look tired after a long journey.
I was just a little disappointed that there are no pictures of the other plants we just bought. I was expecting one for the Pink Lotus, because I specifically requested that. I was just curious as to the state of this plant since I was told it only had few leaves when they got it, yet quite expensive at that.

But what can I do? That's what I get for trying to establish a garden from miles away at the same time chronicle the events as they happen. Oh well, maybe someday...