Friday, March 5, 2010

Blurred vision

Don't attempt to adjust your monitor. No you don't need a new pair of eyeglasses either. The pictures of the "Blue passion" flower (Passiflora caerulea) in this entry are blurred.

I really like the framing of the picture above. Aside from the flower in the foreground, the plants in the background help portray an image of a lush garden. Its unfortunate that nothing is in focus.

The picture below would have been nice also if not for the bucket of water in the background, plus if the image is clearer.

This is an example of what I meant in my postscript on my earlier entry. In this case, the framing is excellent, but the focus is way off. On top of that, the images are quite dark too. They have no good camera in the farm so they have to make do with their cellphone's camera.

But with all good intentions, before the blooms fade, Mom took a snapshot of the flowers so they could show me the fruit of their hard work. And the images, no matter how dark or out of focus, are all clear in my mind.