Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A simple facelift

Good heavens, no not on me! Although not blessed with good looks, I can live with my God-given face. I must admit though, a little snip here and a little tug there would really make a lot of difference. But...

I'm talking about the garden and farm entrance.

You know when something itches and you ignore it? All the more it gets itchy until you scratch it to get relief. That's how I felt about the bare walls surrounding the entrance to the farm (or garden). I just can't take my mind off of it. Although it looks much better now than before, a little more facelift would make it look even better. So I asked Dad to estimate the cost, materials plus labor, to have the walls around the entry way plastered and thus covering those ugly stacks of cinder blocks.

The previous look of the entrance to the farm. The name of the farm painted on the gate is covered for a little privacy.

Now work is in progress to cover and smoothen the rough surface of the walls and planter boxes near the gate and parking areas. And so it goes, another facelift to make the entrance to the garden (or farm) softer and more inviting. Just a thin coat of plaster will do the trick.

The refined look of the wall on the left side of the entrance to the garden after a fresh coat of plaster was applied. The plaster was still wet and they were about to work on the planter box when this picture was taken.

Eventually, my goal is to have a decorative stone veneer (faux or real) installed, that is if there's a budget left.