Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Got milk?

The three new Boer kids suckling from Mama goat.

The kids of our very first Boer goat are doing well. The boisterous three are now showing more signs of independence from Mama goat, which makes her very uneasy whenever they wander away from her. Boer does are known for their excellent mothering instinct.

Aside from getting the wrong breed, the reason why I didn't warm up before to our Boer goat is because I thought it's another breed of dairy goat. And I'm not interested in goat milk production. Probably because I'm not a milk drinker? Actually, my goal is the meat. Anyway, I must be high on something that day because I thought Boers are for milk. Well, that's what I got from reading just a few articles in the internet.

Further readings proved that I got my facts wrong. Now that I know that Boers are bred primarily for their quality meat, my dislike for our Boer goat has totally vanished. Does that mean that I don't like the Nubian now? No. We got it almost for free so why hate a gift.

So now I have a new goal, that is to get the female Boer a mate of the same breed. Hmmm... sounds familiar?

'Got Milk?' is a popular advertisement in the US beginning in the 90's to entice more people to drink cow's milk.