Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tree Ferns

I love the looks of a tree fern (genus: Cyathea); the slender trunk, the leaves, the curled up crozier-like stems that slowly unfurl to reveal curled up baby fronds. Apart from their exotic beauty, they lend a certain unique look to a tropical garden, something that I want to achieve in ours.

Some tree ferns have already sprouted several fronds and croziers.

Aside from the ones we bought last September, we've had two batches of tree ferns delivered last November. The first batch came during the first week of the month and the next one came over a week later.
A misplaced tree fern.
They all arrived bare, with all their fronds and stems chopped off, no roots either. They were literally just trunks.

We were wondering whether they will survive, no roots, no leaves at that. But the store owner who came along with the delivery assured us that they will survive and that's how they usually deliver the ferns to most of their customers.

Maybe he's right. The few tree ferns we bought last September have already sprouted new fronds and some of the ones which came early November have began to grow new shoots. Still, others remain as is, bare trunks sorely sticking out of the ground. We are still hoping that these stragglers will also show signs of life soon.

Other tree ferns have just put out croziers in still furled and unfurling states.

One other concern I have is that I don't know yet whether they will survive the climate in our region. I know tree ferns thrive in humid and cool weather. Humidity is not a problem, its the temperature that's in question, when during summertime it gets really hot.

Others are still bare trunks. Hopefully they're still alive

Since we're currently in the cool season of the year, the ferns are safe. But I don't know what will happen come April, when the sun begins to bear down its simmering heat. I am hoping for the best.