Saturday, December 12, 2009

Milestone #1 - The farm wall

A milestone has been reached!

One major project is finally complete. The farm is now fully enclosed on all sides, concrete blocks were used in front and cyclone wires (chain links) were used on the rest of the perimeter. This will give the premises a little more of privacy and security it needs, a far cry from its previous state of unrestricted access.

Construction of the concrete wall began late October. When facing the farm, the wall was built from left to right. Below are a few pictures of the wall in its final stage of construction.

The leftmost edge of the farm. In the picture above, there is a vacant lot which is not part of the farm so the wall was built around it. There is another area (not seen) wherein they had to build around another neighbor's property.

The area where some people are gathered (far right) is the main entrance to the farm.

The gaps between the walls will be filled with concrete posts for additional support. The wall on the left side of the main gate was pushed in to make room for guest parking spaces.

The wall on the right side of the main gate was also pushed in for more parking spaces. The mound of rice husks on the right are used for soil amendments for the plants.

A worker continues to build the wall up to the desired height of eight feet.

The wall goes all the way to the rightmost edge of the farm.

For additional privacy the wall was also extended a little further down on the right side.

Installation of the cyclone wire on the left, back and right sides of the farm began in the middle of August and ran until late October. A few problems were encountered but none too serious to derail the task.

Part of the fence on the left side.

Part of the fence at the back, facing the river.

Part of the fence on the right side.

My original plan was to have the entire wall (front and back) plastered simply for aesthetic reasons. But I was told it will cost a hefty sum of money to accomplish this finished look. So for now I have decided to let go of this desire (at least for the time being) and instead pour my meager financial resource into more important and essential projects.