Friday, December 18, 2009

Construction update #7 --- the access road

Our next project is the construction of an access road within the farm. The road will not be a real "road" per se, but rather just a narrow dirt road enough for one vehicle to pass through as needed.

It would be unwise to build an elaborate road system on a small property such as ours, when space is at a premium. But since our plan is to open the farm to the public someday, provisions must be made to allow a way to transport people within the compound; particular in mind are those who may need assistance like the elderly and the disabled.

Unlike the building of the fence, other sub-projects need to be completed first before they could even begin the initial laying out of the road.
  • One sub-project is a concrete box culvert over a portion of the ditch which runs across the farm. It should be strong enough to support the weight of heavy equipments. This project has been completed just before they began building the fence.

    Ditch water flowing under the concrete box culvert.

  • In some areas where the road will be built are steep slopes that must be leveled to a gradual incline. This also was finished before they began building the fence.

  • Another mini-project is the strengthening and widening of the embankment that runs between two fishponds. Work is now in progress to reinforce the sides of the two fishponds bordering the embankment, which is an essential part of the road network.
So far these are the only mini-projects (that I know of) that had to be addressed first before they could bring in the grader to break the ground where the road will lie someday.