Monday, December 7, 2009

Construction update #6 --- front fence (the wall)

The building of the front fence is almost complete. They should be wrapping up work by the end of this week. All in all it took more than a month to finish this wall, the entire 560+ meters of it.

In my 5th construction update, I mentioned that the next project will be the permanent enclosures for the different farm animals. Well, this will be pushed back to a much later date.

Bumped up on top of the list is the widening and reinforcement of the embankment in between two ponds. It has been an unusually dry December so far and we want to take advantage of this good weather.

When the embankment fortification is done it should be able to allow a grader to pass through with ease. The grader will be used to build a dirt road within the farm. So I guess the building of the dirt road will be next.