Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Construction update #5 --- front fence (the wall)

Building of the wall fence is in full swing.

We hired two more workers to speed up the project. Work is currently concentrated on the left side of the gate (facing the farm) all the way to the leftmost edge of the property. In some areas, the fence is now about four feet high. They will temporarily stop at this height and then start working on the right side. The idea is to totally enclose the property first and after that continue building the fence up to the desired height of eight feet.

Erecting the fence on the front-left is quite laborious. There are areas where they have to build around the property of a couple of neighbors and sandwiched between their lots is still a part of the farm. Thanks to us our neighbors will have three sides of their properties fenced without spending a single peso... isn't that neat?

Work progress could have gone a little bit further had they not encounter a little setback early last week. They have just finished laying down concrete blocks and before the mortar could harden, heavy rain poured down. Due to the angled terrain of the farm, a strong and rapid river of water from the road and the surrounding fields rushed down, scoured the fresh mortar and damaged a little portion of the new wall.

The damage was minimal, requiring only a quick fix. But work had to stop for three days due to the heavy and continuous monsoon rain that battered the general area.

After the rain the weather has been generally sunny and the industrious folks are out working again.