Friday, November 13, 2009

Employer - employee relation

Talking to my mother one day, I asked: "How many are working on the farm now?" And she replied with a certain number. Then we moved on to some other important topic that needed to be discussed.

After our phone conversation, that's when it hit me. Technically, I am an employer now. Though I do not own a business nor am I a CEO or president of a company, I have a duty to pay everyone who renders work on the farm.

A caretaker trimming the overgrown grass

Yet I, myself am only a humble employee of some other entity. No wonder I could no longer feel my own income, in it comes and out it goes.

But wait. Whose face do they see when they claim for compensation at the end of a work week? My mom and dad. Ah, so it must be them, they are the employers.

Other caretakers tending the young plants

Now I understand what Rodney Dangerfield meant when he said: "I get no respect".