Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cry for help

"Why don't I see a cry for help
Why don't I feel a cry for help
Why don't I hear her cry for help..."

("Cry For Help" by Rick Astley)

I received a bit of a sad news last Wednesday evening. One of our does (female goat) accidentally died, leaving behind two nursing kids without a mother.

It was Tuesday late evening. Everything was quiet in the farm when suddenly they heard the wail of a goat in distress. They were wary to go out to check what the problem was since it was very dark outside. Erring on the side of caution, they decided to stay put, safely inside the house.

They could hear one goat loudly bleating, crying out for help for over an hour. But thinking that it was just a minor problem, they turned a deaf ear to the sound of an animal in distress.

The following morning they went to check on the goats and found a doe dangling midair on her hind foot. It got stuck in a gap on the elevated wooden platform where they usually sleep. She must have tried to go down to the ground when her hind foot got trapped leaving her hanging between the platform and the ground. Hanging upside-down for the rest of the night, eventually she passed away.

Now they have to hand-feed the two orphaned kids, which are not yet completely weaned.

Knowing the terrain and location of the farm, it being in a remote area where unscrupulous elements could be lurking on some dark corners, I would completely agree with their decision not to go out that night.