Sunday, November 1, 2009

Plan(t)s for the future

One afternoon, a lady visitor started browsing at the plants scattered around the farm grounds. Then finding one that she liked, she asked mom if she could take it home for free. Mother declined and politely explained to the good lady that the plants are not for giveaways and that we are in fact collecting and trying to propagate them.

Seedlings lining the left and right side of the driveway

When mom recounted this incident to me, I cant help but laugh and at the same time worry about the fate of the plants when no one is on guard. Somebody with all good intentions may just pick up one or two bags of plants and then head home. This scenario is plausible since there were incidents before where guests on different occasions would pick things up and leave with them like souvenirs.

The area looks more like a nursery now than a farm. With the plants in black plastic bags neatly lined up one might think we are putting up a new business. And that's what some passers by think when they ask the caretakers.

As you can see, majority of these plants are still considered juveniles. And to achieve a lush tropical look that I aspire for in a landscape design, I may have to wait a few more years. Sure, we could buy bigger, taller, more mature plants but those would cost a whole lot more.

When deciding between quantity or quality, I usually go for quality. But in this case, when budget is severely tight, quantity might be the better option. In due time as they mature, they will achieve the quality that I am looking for.

Some plants are on plastic bags, others are grown direct from the ground.

These are just a few of the plants they are tending to right now. I do not think they're enough to landscape the whole farm though. Budget permitting, we will continue to purchase more. Mom and her crew are doing a great job of taking care of these plants.

These pictures were taken over a month ago, during the time storm "Ondoy" was busy drowning Metro Manila.