Saturday, October 31, 2009

Good fences make good neighbors

As simple as the farm fence may seem, it is useful in so many ways.

The animals are now secure. Before the fence, they would graze anywhere they see vegetation growing. And if they go way too far, sometimes they get lost and could not find their way back. Good thing not one has 'mysteriously' vanished yet although a few have returned with visible signs of abuse. The new fence also saves time and effort since it has become easier to gather them at sundown.

The neighbors' crops are now safe. Used to be the animals would sometimes go to the neighbors' fields, gobbling up and damaging their crops. If no one is on guard to ward them off, they could really inflict a heavy toll on the plants. Now our animals are no longer a threat to them.

Those who used to cross the farm as a shortcut to where they want to go will find that they need to walk further and farther since now they have to go around the entire length of the property. Our adjacent neighbors are also happy with the new fence since the number of trespassers on their properties have also gone down.

The fishpond is part of the neighbor's property so the fence had to go around it.

The delineation between properties is now clearly visible and unmistakable. Before only barb wires mounted on wooden posts, a couple or so feet high, define the boundaries. One problem with this is that boundaries can easily be changed simply by moving the posts. Also, people and animals can effortlessly cross by going over, under or between the wires.

Construction of the front fence is still in progress. Still, security has significantly improved in the farm. People are now using the gate when they visit.