Friday, October 2, 2009

When it rains, it pours... again

The farm may have been left unharmed by storm Ketsana ("Ondoy"), but this time it may not dodge the whip of typhoon Parma ("Pepeng").

Parma is expected to touch down on the east side of northern Luzon. Based on the latest forecast our region lies in direct path of this strong typhoon. It may not pack as much water as Ketsana did but the wind it brings is a punch far stronger. And this wind is what we're most afraid of.

Yesterday the typhoon was still far away but it has eerily announced its presence. The rustling of the leaves and the creaking sound of the branches as they vigorously sway, the dark and heavy cloud staring down are but tell-tale signs of rougher days ahead.

The farm sits at a higher edge of a valley so severe rain will not cause any immediate danger. The lower plains however, may flood and water will inundate the farmlands, drowning whatever crop is in season. The wind may topple trees and plants, it may blow away roofs of houses and animal shelters, bring down power lines and other utility structures.

Bruised and aching, the farm will weather the brunt of the storm. However those who will be severely affected are the cause of concern. With the government resources stretched too thin, expedient help is not to be expected. Even the local government's track record in emergency aid is disconsolate. We can only hope for a lower number of casualties.

The local people are in for a one, two punch (strong typhoon and government inefficiency). Pray for us all.