Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Garden update #4 --- more tree ferns

As I mentioned in my 3rd garden update, the new batch of tree ferns and bromeliads have been delivered.

It has been continuously raining real hard for the past few days before the delivery so we thought they would have to postpone their trip. As soon as the sun was up, they were quick to deliver the plants.

I have gone a a little over budget this time since this batch is an unplanned purchase. We've been advised by the store owner to get as much as we can since they may not have a stock of tree ferns for the next few months. Their supply of tree ferns come from the province of Aurora and as we know this province has been battered lately by a series of strong storms and some of their roads are currently impassable and the source of the plants is unreachable.

So rather than risk the wait for availability, I chose to just go ahead and get more tree ferns.

Now, this is an experiment, just a shot in the dark. I don't know if these ferns will survive the climate in our area since it's searing hot during the summer and quite soggy during the cool season. From what I've read tree ferns need a constant cool and humid weather.

If our tree ferns wither and die, then there's nothing I can do but write off this costly experimental attempt. But if they survive and thrive, then at least we already have more than a few at hand. I'm hoping for the latter.