Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Like a fish out of water

In my first construction update, I mentioned about the draining of two fishponds to strengthen the embankment that runs between them so that it will be able to support the weight of heavy equipments needed when construction on the back side of the farm begins.

Before the ponds were drained, the fishes were transferred to the adjoining ponds including the vigorously growing water lily.

Left and right fishponds before they were drained of water.

The ponds are still dry (but muddy after a heavy rainfall) since no work has been done yet. While dry, they're using the exposed soil as a source of nutrient-rich medium for the plants in the 'nursery'.

Right fishpond with no water.

Left untouched for over a month now, grasses have begun to grow rapidly on the left pond. How quickly did they cover the exposed earth. A few more months and you would never know there used to be a pond there. But that is not the plan. After reinforcing the earthen mound, the ponds will be excavated to make them deeper, then water and fishes will be reintroduced.

Left fishpond overgrown with wild grass.

For now, work is on hold since they are concentrating their efforts to finish the wall on the front part of the farm. There are just too many things to do but too few laborers. Alas, this is the negative consequence of having a limited budget to begin with. In such a case, we have to prioritize the projects and work on those that need to be done first.