Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Construction update #1

Speaking of the water lily posted on Aug. 3, 2009.

I do not know now about the fate of this lovely creature when the pond was drained of its waters the weekend of 8/01.

Two adjacent ponds (see image below) have been drained to widen, support and stabilize the soil embankment between them. The soil acts as bridge that connects the front and back of the farm which are separated by a series of seven fish ponds. Once fixed this will allow easy access by vehicles to the back side when heavy construction there begins.

NOTE: The water lily is missing on the image above because this is an older picture by a few months. When I cropped the image, the water lily got unintentionally excluded, it only had several leaves then.

Last time I talked to dear Mom, she said the ponds are filled up again by the incessant rain pouring down straight for two days now. So work has to stop for now until the ponds have been totally drained again.

Once the embankment has been fortified the ponds will be flooded again to allow the fishes to return to their merry old ways.

I'll tell you about the fate of the water lily on steriods when E.T. phone home...