Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Of good governance

The government through the Livestock Development Council (LDC) under the Department of Agriculture has a very noteworthy project in assisting livestock farmers improve their means of livelihood.

Any qualified farmer is loaned with a male farm animal of choice as a breeder to improve the breed of his/her existing livestock, otherwise the agency loans the farmer a pair of male and female animals to start with. In exchange, the farmer promises to return one (or two) female offspring of the animals they received from the agency (per year for goats and sheep) for a specified period of years. Different return procedures are followed for different livestock animals since not all species breed at the same rate.

The reason why the farmer has to surrender a female offspring is so that other farmers may also benefit from this project. The animals they surrender are then given to new farmers and a new cycle begins.

To help the farmer succeed in his/her endeavor, the agency provides trainings, sends technicians and veterinarians to check on the progress and health of the animals. The animals are given free grooming (if applicable), annual inoculations against diseases and dewormers too.

This government project is truly worthy to mention with approbation for all the benefits it has provided to countless of farmers.

  • The statements above are based on the actual experience we had with this project, and as such may not be the same for others.
  • If interested in availing of this project please contact your nearest LDC office.