Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I smell something fishy

We only culture two species of fish for our consumption, tilapia and catfish ('hito'). Some mudfish ('dalag') may have invaded the ponds and called it home but it's ok, they're edible anyway. But in one pond are fishes of different colors. Mutant tilapias?

The koi fish belongs to the family of common carps. However, they have been bred not for consumption but for their aesthetic function. They are edible still, but who would want to eat an artful, graceful and witty fish such as these even if they are related to Imelda (the fish, not the infamous and flamboyant owner of over 30,000 pair of shoes).

It's fun and relaxing watching Koi fishes. Curiously they are docile by nature. During feeding time you could touch them by their chin and some won't even budge . Otherwise they are just merrily cruising by, waiting for the next mealtime.

With the pond's current set-up it's a little hard to appreciate the charm of these creatures. They swim in a water tinged with earthy palette, concealing their resplendence from view.

Part of the plan is to build a Koi pond that would showcase their beauty and grace. The water will be fitted with filtration system to remove algae and other toxic fish byproducts and to keep the water clear. But until then, they will have to be content where they are and be good neighbors with the tilapias and catfishes.