Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Midnight dream

Around past midnight today, as I was about to be transported into dreamland, a sweet, melodious tone broke the silence that has finally descended on my room. My half-shut eyes were pried open and my mind awakened by the alarm of an incoming text message.

The message was from my dear mother. "Oh no, not another problem", so I thought before I could even begin to read the message.

Rewind to four days ago.

Whenever I read a text message that goes something like "your dad needs to talk to you", it translates to only one thing: a problem. And that's the kind of message I got four days ago. As quickly as I could, I composed myself, sat on a chair (just in case my knees would start to wobble) and prepared for the worst. Then I called home.

It turns out that the money I wired a week ago to purchase the materials needed to build the fence on the left side of the farm was not enough. The quote they previously got was wrong on one of the materials. Consequently, the budget was now short.... waaayyyyy short!

Rather than halt the construction and wait, I breathed in as much air as I could and coughed out the required amount (really, if only its that easy). I ran to the nearest money transfer shop (you know the ones that charge an arm and a leg?) and sent the money. Crisis averted.

Fast forward to early this morning. It was my mom updating me that they have the money, and that they went to some nursery to buy a few more plants.

Now if only I could get my sleep back...