Sunday, August 2, 2009

A River Runs Through It

... is the title of a movie I have seen several years ago.

Now what has it got to do with this blog entry? Nothing. But if I were to give it an appropriate title, it would be "A River Runs Below It".

The farm humbly boasts of a great view of a river that flows at its eastern edge. But access to the river is quite difficult because of a cliff that separates the farm from the river. However, the cliff gives the advantage of viewing the river from above, as you can see below.

The view from above gives you a glimpse of the simple life as it was decades ago. The water is still relatively clean. You can see people washing their clothes and bathing on it. A few anglers try their luck to catch some fish for dinner. Boaters leisurely paddle on a lazy afternoon. The floodplains on its left and right banks provide a vast plain of rich soil that gives a bountiful harvest to the humble farmers who lovingly toil to turn the brown soil into a carpet of green, which in time transforms into a sea of golden grains of rice or ears of corn.

This is the view bestowed to city folks who wish to escape the busy and chaotic life of city living. It is a reminder of how it was when things were simple, a bucolic vista long gone amidst the city's labyrinth of congested roads, tall buildings and toxic air.

Take time to enjoy this unspoiled piece of nature while time has kept it safe from man's destructive hands. May it always remain a sleepy scene, spared from the kiss of death of what we call progress.