Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Video Feature

Several years ago, there was an issue that has somehow stirred the people of our generally sleepy and quiet town into an agitated state. This issue polarized the townfolks not only in our town but in other adjoining towns as well. Coal mine.

The government proposed the establishment of a coal mine in three connecting municipalities, which includes ours. There were those who approved this project because of the financial benefit it would bring to the locals and the local governments. But there were also those who opposed the project for health and environmental reasons.

I for one was opposed to this project. It could have meant the gradual destruction of our town's still pristine environment. Massive opposition and demonstrations from the provincial people and concerned groups defeated the proposed project.

Coal may be the cheapest source of energy, but it is also the dirtiest, most polluting form of fossil fuel. The benefit is not worth the harm it would bring to the local people and the environment.

Watch this video of a coal mine on fire in India and the devastation it has caused through the years to the town where the mine sits.

Video courtesy of Assignment Earth through Mother Nature Network