Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Garden update #10 - vertically challenged

It's been a long time since I've made an update on new plants for the garden. The last such update was "Garden update #9 - this time no new plants," which was posted in May, 2010. And even that post mentioned no new plant purchases.

For various reasons, all connected to the farm, I had to slow down with plant acquisitions. But from time to time (as dictated by necessity) I still manage to buy a few. So, as far as I can remember, below is the list of plant purchases since my last garden update.

February 2012:
  • Roystonea regia - "Royal Palm"
  • Cordyline spp. - "Ti Plant"
  • Veitchia merrilli - "Golden Veitchia"
  • Tabernaemontana pandacaqui - "Pandakaki-puti"

November 2011:
  • Bambusa blumeana - "'Tinik' Bamboo"
  • Bambusa oldhamii - "Oldham Bamboo"
  • Dendrocalamus asper - "Giant Bamboo"
  • Dendrocalamus latiflorus - "Machiku Bamboo"
  • Guadua angustifolia - "Colombian Thorny (or Iron) Bamboo"
  • Roystonea regia - "Royal Palm"

February 2011:
  • Wodyetia bifurcata - "Foxtail Palm"
  • Dypsis decaryi - "Triangle Palm"

January 2011:
  • Passiflora caerulea - "Blue Passion Flower Vine"
  • Passiflora spp. - "Lavender Passion Flower Vine"
  • Passiflora manicata - "Red Passion Flower Vine"

Last year's batch of Triangle and Foxtail palms.

Since February, 2011 I have been concentrating on purchasing palm trees and bamboos. Two days ago, 10 Royal Palms were delivered to the farm. Today and the coming days they will be planted in the upper garden, along a portion of the left side of the dirt path. These are in addition to the first 7 that were planted there in random locations last January. More ornamental palm trees are needed to populate the sparsely vegetated upper garden.

Another part of the upper garden has been planted mostly with coconut tree seedlings. The seedlings came from the farm's few coconut trees.

Three of the Oldham bamboos, pictures taken last month.

As for the bamboos, I still need 100+ of Oldham bamboo seedlings to complete my privacy screen project. There are exciting developments with our first 19 Oldhams (with 1 casualty). But that will be for a future post since I don't have supporting pictures yet.

Notice that most of the new purchases are plants with the ability to grow tall. With blessings from above, many more of these will be planted in the future.