Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I'm Back!!!

After over a year (almost 19 months to be exact) of hiatus... I am actually back.

My blogging muse has temporarily left me for some other blogger but now she's back and so am I. I was heartened by the comments left here and messages on my e-mail account about readers missing my posts. There were even a few messages of encouragement from some "anonymous" readers.

To my anonymous readers, thank you for your thoughts. Even if you don't leave any footprint I'm glad that you're there.

Now, before I publish new posts, there's just a minor change that I've implemented on my blog. As much as I enjoy reading your comments, I have disabled the comment section. If you are itching to write a comment, do e-mail me and I may (as a reward for your effort) publish your comment as a blog entry entitled "Readers' Corner". Don't worry, only your blog name and/or name (if you provide them) and comments will be published.

If you wish to comment there is a comment section on the right panel labeled "If you wish to leave a comment...", or go to "About Me" and click on the link or the ostrich picture. You will find my e-mail address in that page.