Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Two is company...

With the growing number of plants to tend to in the garden, the two permanent gardeners mother hired to assist her with the chores can no longer keep up with the demanding tasks of planting, watering, weeding and other gardening-related activities.

With much hesitation, Mom hired a new helper, a nearby neighbor who badly needed a job to augment their meager family income. Although there were other applicants much qualified for the job, Mom chose this lady out of her kindly concern for this person's financial needs.

The two garden helpers taking care of the plants as seen in this picture taken several months ago.

After several days at work, a rancorous atmosphere began to develop in the otherwise peaceful garden. There developed an enmity between the two oldtimers and the newcomer. Could it be that mother unwittingly hired the proverbial 'serpent'?

It has become apparent that the newbie has an undesirable personal and work attitude, a perennial complainer with the tendency to bite back whenever her work is critiqued.

In one of our phone conversations last week, Mom asked my opinion if she should just let her go. I said just be patient with her and see if she would change for the better, otherwise she should find someone else. She commented that things were much better when she only had two helpers.

In this particular scenario three is really a crowd.