Sunday, January 31, 2010

Garden update #6 --- the garden plants

Exactly six months after I started to transcribe into an online diary my experiences and thoughts about our farm project I close the month with a video slide of the plants we have collected so far.

Right now a certain portion of the farm is dedicated to the propagation and care for the plants that we buy. It basically resembles a plant nursery or a garden store. Mostly, related species are arranged in rows, still some are misplaced here and there.

Some plants species like the heliconias and zingibers look sickly and dying but in general they are okay. They look disheveled and tired in their present state since they are always subdivided whenever new shoots appear. Although it gives them undue stress, this encourages the mother plants to grow new shoots.

In an experimental step, they will begin to transplant a few of the plants to their [most likely] permanent location, that is, alongside the newly built dirt road. This will happen after the ruminants are corralled into their still temporary roaming grounds, and that is just a couple of weeks away.