Sunday, January 24, 2010

Construction update #9 --- the access road (cont.)

Last Monday morning an engineer came to inspect the farm and he concluded that a bulldozer rather than a grader is better equipped to tackle the obstacles presented by the farm's irregular terrain. So later that day a bulldozer was delivered and for the rest of the week has been busy breaking, moving, hauling and compacting the ground. Slowly the outline of the dirt road began to materialize.

They tested the dirt road by driving the van all the way to the end, which terminates at the highest point of the farm. Success! The van navigated the new dirt road with ease. This is another milestone in itself since before only an ATV or a hardy 4x4 truck could manage to get through the uneven terrain.

The next task is to haul gravel in and lay them down the road. A thick layer of gravel must be laid down, else weeds and wild grasses will grow, cover and reclaim the road in no time. This part of the project requires a hefty sum of money so we'll have to tackle this project gradually. Ah, the bane of limited financing has manifested itself again.

Since it's the early dry season the urgency to lay down gravel is lessened. But before the rainy season comes, at least a thin layer must already be in place to check the growth of weeds and wild grasses. Later on, as the layer of gravel settles, a fresh layer will be laid down on top of the old. This process must be repeated several times until the dirt road stabilizes.