Sunday, January 3, 2010

Construction update #8 --- the access road

The reinforcement of the embankment between two fishponds is almost complete. This procedure is a must to allow vehicles to pass through safely when access to the back side of the farm is needed.


Earthen embankment before fishponds were drained of water.


Fortified earthen embankment after fishponds were drained of water.

Last thing to do is to backfill the embankment with soil up to the height of the retaining wall and spruce up the general area before it vanishes under water. After that they can let the ponds fill with water and then finally restock the ponds with tilapia fingerlings.

Eventually the embankment will be landscaped and footpaths will be installed on either side for people to walk on. But that will be, if the Lord wills it, in the (near) future.