Monday, January 11, 2010

New kids on the block

I just received a text message from my mother bearing good news.

One of the pregnant does carrying a hybrid (Anglo-Nubian/native) has just given birth to twin female kids. As of this writing the kids are only 3 hours old, still struggling to stand on their own feet.

I was told the distinctive characteristics of the Anglo-Nubian breed are very visible. The kids have long, dangling ears and longer necks.

The mother doe had no problem giving birth. Since she was carrying two kids the babies were smaller than if there was only one. Also a female kid is usually smaller than a male kid. Another factor was that this was already her third time to give birth (but first to carry hybrids).

The mother doe that died (see "Big") was carrying a male, big kid and it would have been her first time to give birth.

There are two more pregnant does due to give birth anytime this month. They are also first-time mothers so they are under careful observation.

At least we're happy that now we have our first hybrid (also called 'upgrade') kid. Not just one but two and both are females. Hopefully they grow up to be good mother does also so that their kids will be even closer to the Anglo-Numbian breed.