Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let's have a quickie

Nope, this is definitely not about the secret tryst that goes on inside some establishments of ill-repute.

This is just a quick update of a mishmash of activities in the farm.

The temporary pens for the goats and sheep are almost done. In a few more days, the animals will no longer roam freely around the farm. And free from foragers, it will be safe to transplant some of the landscape plants to their new location alongside the dirt road.

In the meantime, they are waiting for another pregnant doe to give birth to an upgraded kid. The five upgrade baby goats I mentioned in my older post are now a rambunctious bunch of young kids.

The plants for landscaping are also doing well and growing in number through cuttings and divisions. In fact, for the first time in the garden, a few of the lobster claw heliconias are in bloom. As for bought plants, there are no new purchases to report of at the moment.

The drained ponds are getting filled with water and restocked with fish. The two leftmost ponds have been drained next for fortification and to remove the silt that accumulated through the years. They will then be combined into one bigger pond.

Lastly the little mango orchard has been sprayed with bloom inducer by a third party under a contract agreement with the farm. Hopefully the yield this year will far exceed the yields of the previous years, which were dismal!

There you go, the quick update just went by so quickly.