Saturday, June 5, 2010

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence

This is a timeless proverb which simply means that someone thinks he would be better in any other situation than where he currently is.

But sometimes this saying is also true in the most literal sense.

A lone young Plumeria tree, a companion plant and some unknown weeds growing side by side.

The grass on the side of the fence where the animals graze are almost non-existent. With the ruminants' voracious appetite for grass and weeds, the enclosed areas seem like they have been meticulously mowed.

Wild grass overwhelming the young palms and other ornamental plants.

On the other side however, wild grasses and weeds are madly growing, competing with the plants for any available space and nutrients in the ground. In some areas they are even taller than the ornamental plants we transplanted a few months ago.

There used to be a dirt road beside the row of plants, now almost covered with grass just after a few days of rain.

Even the dirt paths are under siege. If not cleared of vegetation, they will soon disappear under a new growth of different wild grasses and weeds. And now that the drought is easing its stranglehold over the land, more wild grasses will soon awake from their slumber.

Maybe it's time for the animals to "jump the fence"... literally.