Friday, June 25, 2010

Tree of the knowledge of good and evil

The controversial Plumeria tree planted smack in the middle of the "no tree zone".
This is one of those rare situations where I am putting my foot down!

So why would I begin my post with such a strong statement? It's because of this young Plumeria tree you see on the left. It has become a point of contention, something that could either bring out the good in me or my unpleasant side.

When we began our project, I have basically given them a free hand. Whatever they decide, but after consulting with me, I just say "OK".

But from the very beginning I made it clear that no tree will be planted in one particular part of the farm. I want to keep this area clear of any trees because this will be the site of the vegetable garden in the near future.

So when I received this picture of this small but beautiful Plumeria tree already planted on the ground, but not on the right ground, I was a little irritated. I called home and told then to dig up this tree and transplant it somewhere else in the upper garden.

I thought this awkward situation has been cleared out, but when I talked to Mom just recently, she said Dad didn't want to move it anymore since it may die. And that's when I got really irritated.

I told them that if they will not move that tree to the upper garden, I will tear it down on my next visit to the farm and that no matter how I'm enamored with that tree, I will not think twice about chopping it to bits and pieces.

My parents know about my enduring patience, but they are also aware of my less desirable temperament. I hope they have pity on that beautiful tree.