Saturday, July 3, 2010

Crazy about the goat

A few months back, I recounted the blooper my parents committed when they unintentionally purchased a different breed of goat from what I asked them to get.

Well, it happened again!

It seems like they can't get the right breed whenever they buy a goat. At first they bought a Boer when I asked them to get an Anglo-Numbian doe. Because of that we now have a female Boer with no mate and a male Anglo-Nubian still with no partner.

So a few months later I asked them to get a Boer buck and an Anglo-Nubian doe. Because juveniles are cheaper than adults, that's what we planned to get to fit in my budget.

The newly bought Anglo-Nubian doe (6 months old) and the hybrid Boer/Kalahari Red buck (4 months old) in a quarantine cage.

Finally they got it right with the Anglo-Nubian doe. But to my surprise they also brought home a mixed Boer and Kalahari Red buck! What the ....? Must I fly home to make sure they do things right?

Ah, my dear parents! I don't know if their goal is to collect all existing breed of goats or maybe they simply find pleasure in driving me crazy. Maybe it's payback for all my mischiefs when I was younger? The last time I checked I was never the black sheep of the family. But that's another story.