Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Going through the list of blogs I follow, I saw one entry titled "Raise Your Hand If You Have Ever Killed a Plant" by Noelle of "Ramblings From A Desert Garden...".

If I were to raise my hand, I would raise both hands and both feet as well. This is because the number of plants that died in our garden are too many to count with my fingers. And that is from one plant species alone. This is not a random killing. I consider this a genocide.

Sad to say that out of the 20+ Tree Ferns we bought and planted in our garden, all but one died. The only survivor is still recuperating in the Intensive Care Unit of the nursery and is still barely living.

Three of the Tree Ferns which tried in vain to adapt to our garden.

So what caused this mass killing of Tree Ferns? Neglect!

Before the unusually hot summer began I told my trusted gardeners (a.k.a. "Mom" and her minions) to move the ferns under the shade of the trees, either under the mango trees or down to the ledge where they could be partially shaded from the scorching heat of the summer sun. But since it would take manpower to move those plants, Mom asked for help from my other trusted helpers (a.k.a. Dad and his followers). Unfortunately, the plea for help fell on deaf ears. The Tree Ferns were never moved. Apart form constant watering to keep them moist, they were left alone to weather the intense heat of the sun which was aggravated by the "El NiƱo" phenomenon.

The Tree Ferns fought as valiantly as they could. They sprouted new fronds but as soon as their leaves unfurled, they wilted under the baking heat. Eventually the stress broke their spirit and they gave up. Their life force vanished and all that's left are but dessicated trunks.

I was so sad when I learned about the fate of our Tree Ferns. I really love the stately and elegant looks of these plants. Now they're gone. And gone too is the huge sum of money I spent to purchase those plants.

I may not be directly responsible for the demise of our Tree Ferns, but I might as well be. If I were there in the garden, I would have labored even on my own to move them one by one to a safer location just to give them a fighting chance. Alas, my heart (and my wallet) is suffering from the loss.