Monday, July 19, 2010

The whole nine yards

Behind our humble home is a quaint patio which is in need of repair due to age coupled with neglect.

Despite of its broken-down state, the view from the patio is quite relaxing. It includes the entire length of the fishponds and beyond that is the mango orchard. But directly below the patio is an eyesore of a yard, a long and sloping stretch of neglected space. It is home to an unkempt bed of weeds and wild grasses of different kinds, where a couple of fruit trees and clumps of bamboos seemed to have sprouted out of nowhere.

The state of the yard below the patio before improvements were made.

From the very beginning of our project, this neglected yard has been one of my specific target for improvement. My plan is to transform this forgotten space into a landscaped garden, install footpaths and benches so that one can stroll around or just sit down to admire the view. For the avid angler, the edge of the garden is an excellent spot for fishing.

A view from the patio of a garden in the making. The area has just been cleared of the wild grass that used to inhabit it. They have also began the initial landscaping.

A view from the soon-to-be garden looking up toward the patio.

Once this mini project is completed, the view from the patio will look much better than it is today. Hopefully, it will entice people to come down to the yard and explore the garden.