Friday, July 9, 2010

A room to grow

The rain has been falling more frequently now. It's time to move the plants from the nursery to their permanent location in the upper garden.

Even though there are still lingering days with no precipitation, it's safe to move most of the plants from their cramped space in the nursery to where there is plenty of space to spread their limbs, roots and leaves. And that move is what's keeping our gardeners busy since the rainy days began to arrive.

One of our helpers busy transplanting ornamental plants in the upper garden.

But now that the soil is getting a more constant soaking, the wild grasses too are in a mad rush to grow and reclaim the ground. They are growing so fast that they are towering over some of the already established garden plants which have been transplanted several months ago.

Two other helpers clearing the area around the plants where the wild grass seem to have totally taken over.

Wherever they need to put the garden plants, they need to clear the area first so that the plants would have some space to grow and a better chance of survival. They have to constantly keep the grass at bay, otherwise they will rob the plants of the light and nutrients they need and eventually suffocate them.

A young goat munching on some fresh grass cuttings from the upper garden.

Unsightly as they are, part of the reason why the grasses are allowed to grow tall is so that the goats would have plenty to feed on. The goats are no longer allowed to roam freely in the upper garden to protect the plants from their voracious appetite. Their vast foraging grounds have been reclaimed so their food must now be brought to them manually.

Someday the sea of wild grass will give way to a landscaped and well maintained garden. Someday.