Sunday, January 16, 2011

What's in store for 2011

Before I talk about the plans for 2011, let me just briefly mention the projects we've worked on for the past couple of years.

Three years ago when we started upgrading the farm into a farm and garden concept the first thing we did was purchase lots and lots of plants. Because some plants in my 'wish list' don't come cheap we had to buy those that are still small or young. We also started other plants from seeds. From these mother plants we began to propagate them on our own. The farm has become virtually a plant nursery. It came to a point where our neighbors began to think that we were establishing a garden store business.

The next major project was the building of fence around the farm. Prior to that, only a layer of barbed wires widely spaced apart encircled the farm which provided no security nor privacy. For the front we opted to erect a concrete wall and for the sides and back we just decided to go for chain links (or cyclone wires) due to financial constraints.

There were also some other major and minor projects we've worked on within the farm and garden. They have all been featured at length in my other blog entries.

So, are there any projects lined up for 2011? There are a few.

First we need to build some structures within the garden. This would include gazebos, trellises, pergolas, retaining walls, footpaths, etc. Other structures need to be fixed and maintained like the existing retaining walls, parts of which are already crumbling.

This path along the row of black bamboos need a retaining wall to keep the soil from sliding.

Next, we need to purchase more garden plants. Most of those that we bought and locally propagated have already been planted in their designated spots. However many they are, they aren't just enough to achieve the effect I am aiming for.

My fingers are crossed that the vegetable garden will begin to take shape later this year.

On the farm side, we are waiting for the release of the sheep grant we received from the government. Target date for this is around the first or second quarter of this year.

For sure there will be other unplanned projects that will just crop up as the year 2011 unfolds. The only obstacle would be the availability of funds to take on any of these unforeseen projects.

We look forward to a fruitful 2011!

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