Thursday, September 3, 2009

The art of fencing

Chain-link, interlink, chain-wire, cyclone, hurricane or whatever name one might call it, it's still a fence, the same kind of fence. That's what I've learned when we started fencing in the farm. I didn't know that this flat and uninteresting tangle of wires goes by so many names. All I knew was 'chain-link', period.

Why am I ranting about the different names of one kind of fence, you may ask. Simply because in the beginning it confused me a lot and most of all because I need to vent out my ire about this fence.

Why confusing? Depending on who I talk to, it goes by different names. Talking to my mom, one day she'd call it inter-link, the next cyclone. Talking to my dad, he'd call it cyclone, the next interlink. Wait a minute, are we talking chain-link here?

Why am I irked? Because of miscommunication or the lack of it. Years ago, a roll of this fence yields a dimension of 6ftx10m. So when I was handed the price quote, it was based on this figure. Yesterday, when they started to install the wires, they got a huge surprise. Each roll is 4 meters short in length. Apparently, that's the new standard. Grrrrrr!

So now they're several meters short of finishing the left side of the farm. And we need to recalculate the cost of fencing the right side plus the missing portion on the left side.