Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rise and shine!

Exactly a week ago from today, I received a text message from my mother. I was a bit alarmed when I saw that the time was just past 5:00AM where the text message originated. And I'm pretty certain my mom doesn't get out of bed that early.

Apparently, she received a notification message from the bank. And she wanted to know if I had something to do with it. Partly, yes since I did send money but the text message was definitely not my idea. Here's what it said:
DOE JOHN X. sent you remittance 9876543210 which has been credited to the account. You may now withdraw the funds. - TheBank.

She was awakened by the incoming message alert and was surprised receiving such a message because the bank didn't use to notify her whenever there's a fund transferred to her account.

We just concluded that this might be a new service implemented by the bank. Mind you, I really do appreciate this new service. It's quite nice because now they notify beneficiaries whenever they receive a remittance.

My only beef about this service is that the timing of their text message is simply bad. In my mother's case, it's like an unsolicited wake up call. Maybe they should fine-tune their system to take into consideration the current time where they're sending their courtesy messages.