Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Video Feature

As I was searching the web for videos relevant to the current state of our environment, I stumbled upon this three year old video from National Geographic. It may be an old video but its message is even more important today than three years ago.

Our featured video deals with the burden of over population. The first half focuses on illegal logging as it exacts its deadly toll on a small village in the Philippines. The last half talks about carbon offsetting deal between Germany and India during the 2006 FIFA World Cup.


In 2006, the population of the Philippines was over 88,000,000. In 2009, the population is reaching 92,000,000. In a span of three years over 3 million people were added to the inhabitants of this small island nation whose land area will inevitably shrink due to the rise of sea level.

Blogger's comment:
Population control is a prickly topic in the Philippines. The government program is rendered inutile by its lack of determination and resources. And as long the government remains a marionette of the dominant church, majority of Filipinos will continue to breed uncontrollably like rats and rabbits do on a fine, fine day.