Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In the grand scheme of things

A good friend who has long been reaping the joys of farming curiously requested some current pictures of the farm. I hope he won't be disappointed when he sees a sea of wild grasses and weeds growing unabashedly underneath the feet of the few grazing ruminants.

Well, as you can see from the photos above, that is what's currently on the upper side of the farm. Just think of this sparse piece of land as a blank canvass, waiting for the skillful touch of a master's hand to gracefully paint it with hues that depict the colors of life.

The lower, smaller side houses the fish ponds, a mango orchard, a few other fruiting and non-fruiting trees thriving here and there, and the pens for the pigs and poultry animals. The lower part also is where the ornamental plants we have been painstakingly collecting and propagating are temporarily located, safe from the voracious appetites of the grazing animals.

Eventually, a part of the farm will be transformed and dedicated to organic herb and vegetable gardens. We will also keep the small orchard of mango trees. The grass feeders will be corralled in one sizable area, and the rest of the ground will then be landscaped into a lush oasis of tropical plants, complete with water features and structures where hopefully, one can find temporary respite from the elements or rest from the daily grinds of life.

Just thinking about the enormity of this plan, this may be a grand scheme and quite ambitious at that. But hey, as long as imagination is still free, why not imagine the possibilities.