Thursday, September 10, 2009

Get here... if you can

"There are hills and mountains between us,
always something to get over
If I had my way, surely you would be closer..."

so sings Oleta Adams, way back in the early 90s. A song which continues to be one of my few favorites. But then again, excuse my wandering because I am digressing from the real subject for today.

How do you manage a project and not be there to supervise and keep things moving? How can you check on its progress if you can't even see it?

To give you an idea how far away the project is, here's a skewed mathematical equation for you to calculate:
11,922 km. (7,408 miles) + 10 hours drive = the farm.

That's how close as I can be to the project site.

So, how am I bridging the distance so that I can guide this project (hopefully) to a favorable conclusion?

"you can reach me by railway
you can reach me by trailway
you can reach me on an airplane
you can reach me with your mind...
you can reach me by a caravan
cross the desert like an arab man"

Distance is definitely a big obstacle but certainly not a formidable barrier.